Writer For Hire Business Card (moving notebook page 1)

Well my portfolio wasn’t a big hit. Even though I thought it was damn good well no offers came out of it. People without any credentials have taken all the writing jobs (not all of them, but just read some of the articles in the mainstream media and you know that they did not study the subject in college besides a few electives. I mean you have NASA talking about when civilization will fall apart instead of just doing stuff in space and what not lol)  I dont know but society is so nice and normal these days and nobody seems to think about 2016. It’s going to be here in no time. So…never mind…

And I do so much work and I get tired sometimes, and that’s when I get lazy…but oh well you can’t always make the right decision. But anyway, I’m getting ready to pack up ship and move once again to a bigger city, so if you know anybody that needs a writer or an editor or an all around idea guy, let me know. I have a couple of places picked out but really I’m open still. Note: I work for cheap and live very minimally by today’s standards. I also am getting rid of my inventory of unnecessary (albeit I’m a bit sad because of it) objects that can’t come with me, such as a good book collection and typewriters (given to me over the years. I might make a page on this site so you can look at the books (I have some first edition books that are real rare, and also for the writing machines I’m selling, and some that have been priced from 300-500 dollars, that is… if I found a buyer) I’m not too into eBay and what not, so if anybody is interested in any of that said object-kind, let me know about that information as well. I’ll work on shipping with ya and whatever is cheapest. So for those who may need a typewriter, you can always message me. I’m honest and I don’t chit-chat, but I don’t downplay the importance of any conversation. But if not… well consider buying a book from me. I have two more coming out in the next month and a half. It’s a bunch of work and I love it but consider it anyway. In the meantime here is a sound file (I think this story is groundbreaking, in a literary absurd-ish and twain-ish gonzo kinda’ way.) and to buy a book, click on the buy west vine press books banner.  

Have a good day society. Welcome to spring. It might not seem like it yet for much of the country, but it’s here. Great. I need some sun…

It was one long winter.


west vine


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