Life is real funny sometimes (moving notebook day 1)

There were more than five strange narratives that happened to me in the span of three hours. It was great. I’m going to drink some beer & make some books by hand and write about it on one of the good typewriters (have to sell it so I got to say goodbye lol) but one of them was when I was walking behind the ice rink building or whatever it is called…and I was smoking a’ smoke and then as I cut through the parking lot a charter bus from Wisconsin pulled up and a whole hockey team ran off while the coaching staff was just screaming many f-bombs. I was thinking damn this is nonsense while I was just standing there. One of the hockey dudes was struggling because he had no shoes on and he goes, “hey man… can you hang on to my bag” “sure” I said….and do note: Hockey bags are real heavy but make a weird writer guy look funny and out-of-place while he has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and mismatched colored mittens on his hands. lol. good show society. Keep it up.


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