The (sort of) Myth of The Writer’s Block (rewrites)

I write out of greed and for language. There’s a need to listen to the orchestra of the living. It is often said that a writer is more alive than his peers. But I believe he might also be sleepier than his peers; a writer could be said to be a sort of narcoleptic who requires constant waking by his own imagination. He (she)… Continue reading The (sort of) Myth of The Writer’s Block (rewrites)

2009 Notebooks: Creative Revolt (rewrites)

Existential Themes: Existence proceeds essence Subjectivity always more rational than the objective philosophical method Based on relative and temporal principles Sartre- The need to express ones freedom by action is a fundamental attribute to one’s actual being. Art exhibitions are observed by patrons as if they were attending a wake. The strategically framed paintings are… Continue reading 2009 Notebooks: Creative Revolt (rewrites)