2009 Notebooks: Creative Revolt (rewrites)

Existential Themes:

Existence proceeds essence

Subjectivity always more rational than the objective philosophical method

Based on relative and temporal principles

Sartre- The need to express ones freedom by action is a fundamental attribute to one’s actual being.

Art exhibitions are observed by patrons as if they were attending a wake. The strategically framed paintings are the body. There is a life that was but no longer is. And while the art may be honored as a dead body there is little exuberance for the artist’s passion that was contained in the once flesh bound existence.

He thinks artistically before he thinks rationally. This is the nature of the artist’s temperament; this is the creative revolt

Exile waiting and waiting within the unknown, like those fisherman whom fish until the sun has gone down. I am not willfully exiled anymore; rather I have fallen into the depths of the endless upward pursuit.

Types of writers:

The ignorant

The capitalist

The Artistic

As a writer I am constantly surrounded by my chaotic pallet

Pragmatism– Common Sense picture of reality

An Ironic Twist of the Subjective being has once again unfolded.

Modernism leads to abstraction. Abstraction is then seen in an objective view of the actual object, as the object is-in-itself. Modernized abstraction then transforms to postmodern thought. Postmodern can be defined as a meaningless abstract view of the object filled world. Our world must reconstruct meaning from our own subjective experience.

The legitimacy of murder comes from a decision between justifying an end or a concern with limited goals, and thereby placing our humanistic principles in such limited goals is where the real ideologies are torn down.

Tired but inspired: Time forgets to move…once again. Trained in the arts and stabbed with the pen, and philosophically mentored; All turbulent reminders of the nothingness I am surrounded by.

There can be no communication with the man whom has based their existence and society upon ideologies. A century, and then a simulated century; a century where the social control method of choice has been based upon the conception of man-made fear.

Postmodern-movement spawned by industrial revolution in which gave birth to globalization.

Abstraction of object side by side with scientific revolution based on abstract particles and the infusion with transcendental ideologies.

Can Existentialism survive in a global and post-modern world?

Answer: Of course it can. A Postmodern era is always here and never here at the same time. Let’s move on…



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