(Poetry) and (Prose) and (The Poet) and (The Writer)

In this upcoming book-object that I'm placing the final touches on (draft of cover pictured) Sleep Walking Under The Moon Soul Of Lake Michigan, there is some poetry in the first section of the book (still part of the overall story). Usually I write prose, and back when I hung around with the poets I never understood them, and I… Continue reading (Poetry) and (Prose) and (The Poet) and (The Writer)

Walking in Sleep.

I'm not going to be doing much talking and posting of new material this week, the typical spontaneous outbursts. Just wanted to tell everyone to be safe and keep writing and reading. This week (for me) is busy with travel and editing, drafting, raking, camping and walking, reading, learning and  studying, editing, editing, graphic designing and formatting. Two books soon.… Continue reading Walking in Sleep.

Where people really think (With reading down by windy lake)

Taken from, The Moon Soul of Lake Michigan, an upcoming book by Andrew H. Kuharevicz Where people really think The passengers; The real Americans  they just want to go home, and for most of these people they don't have a clue where home is anymore. They’re just going somewhere, and who knows where the spot will… Continue reading Where people really think (With reading down by windy lake)