Friday winter night spontaneous session

I promise I will try to tell a story about something but I don’t know if that will happen…

And so no backspace and I’m going to unleash some writing on this blog and break free of something that is blocking my forehead and I so I do this once in a while and so bypass the next post if you want edited work because I’m going to try and write and not edit and do some fun on a Friday night where my fingers feel old and the sweat is bleeding down and I’m going to drink some beer and write a long string of sentences that might not make sense but the system has to come back to me because editing has made me a stuttering mess of a monkey man sitting on his own island with only his horn to sing his song. I’m going to learn what I think and try to see if writing can solve something that is bothering me and which I don’t know what that is so honesty is in session and the culture of judgers and preachers and eyes of everyone chill because this is only an experiment of joy and maybe sometimes I can close my eyes and get lost if that’s ok.


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