I was just thinking #1

I was just thinking about the article I read today (New York times) about why Hollywood economics is tanking. I don’t know if that’s all their fault or something to do with the constant changing of media formats, such as Netflix and staying home and going out instead of going to the movies. The price is insane but I still think people would go to lesser buzz name films if there was any actual word of mouth anymore. I think it has to do with our culture as much as it does with the entertainers. I also think it has something to do with the fact they need to start making movies for adults again. Enough comic books and even star wars. Make something new. Think outside of the box. Fail by testing the limits. Go back to film school and get some good writers who write first and think film later. Force the technology to chase the screenplay and not the other way around. Use film to capture the mind and the emotions of the real people, not as a false parasitic super hero that none of us can ever be. Show something that inspires and horrifies because it’s real. Show war. Show truth. Do what some television shows have partially done and go further. Why the economy is struggling is based on fear and the lack of vision and drive, and it’s the same reason Apple and Microsoft keep sinking lower. They still make money but they can’t expand or even attract some of their old fan-boys. This could also be said to further explain the sorry state of local money woes along the lines of the post recession/industrial era centered planning. Everything is fundamentally about the same thing right now. We’re having problems because we keep doing the same thing. It’s because it relies on ideas of the past that no longer work. It can be as clean and colorfully stunning as you want, but if you want to sell something and protect long-term growth you have to create something intelligent and new. Something Hollywood and all of us should remember. Try and sell something not so nice and normal, because these are not so nice and normal times. People seem to want to escape because they don’t feel that they have any say in anything, but they don’t want to always escape into the childish fantasy of dragons and captains and supermen, these past fits of experimental marketing that were laced with dreams of machismo. I don’t know. I guess it’s probably more true that the people in charge understand that there’s actually no long-term goal and that you might as well make money now while you can, because you can only hide the fact that you’ve been in both a great depression and a world war for so long until the population figures out what’s going on. Nuff said. I was just thinking…


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