You always see signs at bars that say, “Bikers Welcome”. I want see signs that read, “Writers Welcome”. Those are the real rebels. Those are the kinds of people that need a drink the most, and those are ALSO the kinds of people who can…drink the most.

I’ll be giving away a digital book for free of material sometime in the next couple days. It will be filled with 100 pages of material that are from many of my books that I plan on reading on my book tour. I’m going on it either way with or without any support. After that, I’ll go work at Disney World or something. Anyway, I have that campaign. I don’t care. I hate money. But I do this and you do that. So my words are few. Go to the link and check it out. Read what it’s about. Share if you want. After it’s over, I’ll regroup. This site is closing down for a while. Thank you for reading.

not everyone goes home

One thought on “SCORE UPDATE: BOTTOM OF THE 6th. A.H.K-0 SOCIETY-22

  1. i’ve long appreciated your active and lively mind and languaging. Thank you. Best of luck on your journeys and translations into our fertile symbols.

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