Not Dead=On Vacation

I’ll have at least one new post by the end of this week. Going to have a nice week of summer before back to novel. Alright so here’s that free book. You can go to west vine press (click banner to chip in if you want to my cause, but I don’t really care either way.) OH, and I also might be looking for some new writers and editors that want to join forces part-time. You wont get paid…yet. But it will be about the most hardcore writing workout you could have. Email me (find under contact if you might be interested.) That’s about it. I’m off to fake money place to cash paper slip with numbers made with my hands and mind from books like an adult and then I’m going to skip stones and read and a beer and lake and chill time with eyes half-open listening to A.M talk radio mixed with summer humming bugs while sleeping outside. Nice.

Be cool. I’m going to write some new interesting stuff and have fun for a minute… and so with that said, My Novel is going to be pushed back a couple of weeks, because I should give some time for my work to get out there, and I should just rest up a bit. Tour still set for October. Peace. Thanks for reading.

(UPDATE: There is still a free version but I had to remove the magazine format. I was informed that it can not be given away for free. I yelled. I said but I promised them. I was told you’re a writer and this is the real damn world, you cant give material away for free. I said fuck off. I worked out a deal. It will be free for five days. Go to west vine press, I managed to keep the pdf file on there. Just saying…it’s a good book)

you can click the official cover and buy a copy of the real book. That’s all. Be cool. full cover


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