OH MY SPORTS! THE SCORE UPDATE: What I need and What you get…


“The bus roared on. I was going home in October. Everybody goes home in October.”

― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

PREFACE: I will only bring this minor event up to the masses of perplexity a total of three times in the next ten days, so I’m going to TALK…IS THAT OK?

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about what other people had thought, and in the past tense of my daze the sun breaks through the clouds and suddenly I realize I’m not really thinking about anything at all. Huh? MOVE ON…

And I told you already my friends, that sometimes I can be a total damn hypocrite, but still, if my hero SPIKE can do it, and he has a million dollars, well…why can’t I?… (To bypass this spontaneous outburst follow link to get to beef, or something like that…as they say.)



And especially since I’m the lower end and in the counter direction of SPIKE, and instead of one million dollars, I have one hundred and one dollars… TOTAL… to my name…WELL? SO? WHY NOT.

Thank you for checking this out…

Here’s the score:

After seeing that five vampire books and two fan fiction shades of grey (gray or whatever the heck) collectively were funded for almost one hundred thousand dollars I tossed a baseball against the wall. Next I lit a smoke and thought about logic. I said TEN… WHAT THE HELLS!

Getting up and thinking about a change of career paths, there was nothing left, and while I strummed my guitar like it was the death of metal I said WHY NOT writer man, let’s give it a shot.

I fell asleep…

For twenty more minutes. 


I’m off my back and maybe two hours of sleep, if that, and I don’t feel so good but who cares, so down steps with a shaggy beard and shaggy hair, with one big old damn shaking head, and then back up steps sitting down with Coffee, it’s cold already.

The real files wait…

My real writing was placed on hold and laughing and alright, so I pretty much pulled another all-night dance with the fight against everything I don’t want to be. I pushed on and worked on my ideas and plotted and mapped out a trajectory that actually is as sound proof as the inside of the big blue  whale where Pinocchio at last got over his depression and transformed into a warrior.

Ten hours later and now it’s daytime…

I have to go to Grand Rapids today for a job interview that I won’t get. There’s never any time to smile and get something good to eat because I can’t miss my ride home. I have to just come back to the town on a lake…but…


And then I thought about South America and how I always talk and talk, always so much damn talk, and then I got into the zone and forgot. I just tapped and took time outs and debated both philosophically and economically about what and if….}

As good as anyone I worked, and it’s true, that if I had a team working for me they would quit, because even in defeat I’m more determined than  old man winter.Oh man…

I’m sorry about the poetry, because this is business time…

But really I did. I ran a business like a real man should and made this page on one of these you know, one of those sort of ethically shaky and socially awkward crowd sourcing sites.

And You can skip the video but do me a favor and skim the worded content, and if you do anything, just click one and done and maybe just share it for me.

Thank you…


I already doomed myself in before I even had a chance to see if the paper plane could fly. I meant to put September twenty-first, not august twenty-first, so well…GREAT:I have about the least amount of time to be defeated… ever…GREAT.

When it comes down to it well I guess that’s the kind of person I am though. I don’t like the slow pull of the unhealed slash under stained red bandage. COME ON, JUST RIP THE DAMN NAIL OUT ALREADY….

THE END, and Alright…


(A) NOTE ONE: I said I’m often a hypocrite. This is sort of true, but only because I’m just growing up and learning. It’s ok to change your mind… and you can do that back and forth as much as you want, but that is true only as long as you’re a good person.

(B) NOTE TWO: When I said these kinds of sites were ethically shaky…well…so what? This is capitalism they keep telling me over and over after they punch me in the face saying…


And in conclusion this quote about the fiscal crisis of the biggest city in my state basically sums up why I shouldn’t worry about offending the morality of the outside observer who plays with my life as if it’s a football game that they no longer can play because they’re too damn fat…


Luckily during the glory of the past, they won the gamble just enough to skim the stock market statistics before they say that the game and the war is boring and soon they will die, so instead of sports they will (without regret) choose what day next week they will retire and say…

It’s all up to you now BOY…

“You’ve got a vast city of working people who no longer have insecure lives, people with high school and less than high school degrees who can earn enough to buy a house, a car, a boat, and send their kids to Wayne State University,” Boyle said. But by that time, Detroit’s decline had already begun.”



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