The Next Monday #2

  1. 3 Physical Books-1 Writer-1 Typewriter-1 IndiePress-10 Bookstores-Millions of Voices-Thousands of Miles-on Public Transit-New Book-A Flask of Gin-1 Country-A.H.K
  2. I had a book come out and I have one more coming out before the end of this month. I could use some press, radio blips, interviews, anything. I have an agent and a publicist, but they also work for collections at a bank, so they’ve been busy. Let me know if you have any ideas or would like to do some press with me. It will be fun. Peace.
  3. I hate when people ask me if I’m OK.
  4. Writer Man World Tour has made 50 dollars. That’s roughly 10 cents an hour. lol. Hot track to south america!
  5. Almost started watching almost famous. That was almost two hours of bullshit. Something about Sundays. I turn into old man river.
  6. I’ve always been fascinated by Normal Mailer.
  • I want to live here:


  • basically the newspapers have been overrun by savages who got fired from Nintendo.
  • Associated Press retracts bogus North Pole lake photo
  • I’m no Thoreau, but I’ve lived without electricity twice in my life. Living through the dark ages I’ve discovered there’s really only one thing you need, a real long extension cord.
  • nice.
  • I gave this album a hard time when it first came out, because sometimes I’m a damn hypocrite , as well I hate when bands keep the same name as one of your favorite groups but only have one original member, that would be like if Malkmus called himself pavement…anyway, but I think it’s a lot better than the score of “boring shit” I originally gave it. Good Sunday night plotting album (full stream if you just let the first song play..don’t u love how I give people instructions how to use the internet, like you’re idiots.
  • Grand Rapids, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Athens, Atlanta, Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans, Austin, Roswell, Albuquerque, Denver, Brooklyn…
  • This Might be the most pretentious sounding quote I’ve read in a long time (not saying i don’t agree but…) “Not listening to records is like not drinking wine,” said Brian Belott, a visual artist shopping for “Mozart, Bach, Hindemith, Poulenc.”
  • I type fast and I’m stupid, and for some reason the spell checker stopped working because I shifted back and forth from too many kinds of fonts and special cosmetic touches that are idiotic anyway, and so, I misspelled Michigan and university. Why was I born like this. lol

‘Not Everybody Goes Home In October’:AnAmericanBookTour,by Andrew H. Kuharevicz

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