Fireworks (Spontaneous Prose # 4)

Empty out your brain boy….

And the air from the fan and melt away never feel better, the day is light and another year older and you can smell the backspace to the slow decline of everything you want in life. There’s nothing to it, the feel, the cars and the passing of the baseball bats of summer, the hitting the curve, the learning of joy, the families, the smiles, the memories and the tired eyes, and what… what … what is next?

Spontaneous curiosity is what brought you here and now you’re here and the bang, the cracker jacks and firecrackers, the digital, the hums, the night, the life and close eyes for a second and just flow nothing has come before this moment. The dancing in the seat for twenty minutes is ok. Don’t worry and you’ll go, you’ll go far out there, and it’s the fourth of July for a country that forgets that it’s still young, a child really, expanding out expanding over waters and telling others this and that, and who will be the next president, mexican, immigrants, all of us, life , polish, eastern, gay, straight, woman, man, alien, north american indians THANK YOU.

And so many calls and letters come to me from overseas from people I’ve never met in person and they say I like your america. I tell them that nothing slows down, it’s a tap-tap, its something and a slide picture and how fast can this keep up, how long is the night, the red, the yellow, the cheers, the lovers, the loneliness, the… the… the…

The damn ol’ everything is there. The keys flow and you’ll go and it’s just writing, it’s just heart and soul and laughter and sliding backwards on the top of the ceiling, and how many mistakes… don’t worry it’s all for a laugh and life is beautiful. Mistakes are carefree and this all comes with age and training is the art of the warrior. The love of a parent wasn’t made in one day, it took years and years of experience. My heart races and my life goes by with all of you as the kids with thoughts of visions of the sand and the beach go there… more often.

Go for walks and see what you can find. You’ll find with only your eyes that will see that there’s a slow night fall and the people are still getting ready for the lights in the sky, it’s not a big deal and it never was, what was it then, I don’t know, it was relaxing, it was a memory, it was a hesitation and there was never anything left at the end of the day.  I burned out everyday and nowhere closer it seems, but why, laugh, the drum beat…the beat- the-beat-beat… the drum-beat-the beat-the beat-beat…  a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h… 1 2 3 4 5…. 5 4 3 2 1 0…. beat-beat…

All one and it’s all the same…

PAUSE…NO….WAKE UP and LOOK at everything at once with eyes closed. The basic writing and the hotel in new mexico that has burnt down but still seen with your old blind desert eyes. The laughter from your true love and the trail in the woods the bear signs and the future of water. Time is a true constant and then it’s always the past, it’s always a time lapsed dream, there’s only dreams of being born again and mediation and meditation of the existential and LAUGH LAUGH WAKE UP with eyes and GO MARCH EXPLODE.

Let yourself go, it’s never night, it’s a relay race. There’s always goosebumps and always typing to bring yourself further into the unknown. The telephone operators and the kids dancing in the night, the wet rain, the fire can’t be burnt down and…

Laugh more and be free because you are and you have no choice and they get it (i hope) and if they don’t never try to force anything, let politics be you and you are free and all of us are free, the madness of the modern controlling machine, the failure of the minds of imagination, tanks and war, burning thoughts of the heart of it all, the earth watches you, all the dreams follow you down following along with the grass at your feet the grass and at your toes as the keys and the frog clearing out all of this from the throat of the time, and all of this and feel it, remember that you are the pollen of the universe and it will never stop.

WAKE UP WRITER BOY, and never stop, never worry about time, never worry about quitting, never worry about how long you’ve been at anything, because time is your harmony with the space you flow upon and nothing is going to get better because better is only in your dreams. Nothing is real if you’re always the outside observer of the slide show of your life. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN TO SAY yes , yes, yes, yes, always say yes and never worry about the sound of the savage firework. THEY ARE YOU AND WAKE UP IN PEACE IN LOVE AND always bang and tap and say go! go! and YES!

You will be called names and yes you will be called crazy and you will save them because when they die you will say they were the good ones and they were my family and they were my country, the world is your country and life is your firework.

The end is never real, the time is on and on and the life that you live is what it’s all about so lean back and say peace and don’t worry don’t go, and if you don’t know don’t ever say yes or no, just be what you are, be-be, and this can come easier than you think , and the books and the beers, the fears and the long tried walks, the people, the friends, the love and the fire will tap tap tap and watch with hesitation for safe arrival, always keep in mind that there are burning chords of what there will be.

The fireworks, the number four, the buildup towards something, the streets with people, the laughter of a growing culture, the new…the new… the new will always be there just like the beaches and stars and sand and walking piers and so many miles have you come, keep going and keep running, keep remembering for yourself and never feel the sadness of defeat.

GO and WAKE UP. FIGHT on and fight for hope, fight for peace. This is a long road and you will never have enough time. You feel alive. You know you’re alive. You know how hard of a fight this is. Believe in them, and don’t worry about the fear, the fear of loneliness, go…go… go! go! yes… yes… yes!  THIS IS LIFE…

THE  REAL FIREWORK, and it’s silent and the loudest thing known to man, it’s an army of good people, it’s the hope of art and peace as one, it’s everything, it’s anger and love, and the king of happiness and the sum, the light, the cure, the tomb of decay, it’s yours mine and it’s a fictional reality buried  in true words about nature, and it’s every letter, it’s every war, it’s every historical note, it’s slow, it’s fast, it’s everything ever said, it’s a firework, it’s the beginning and it’s a cleared throat and you know what to do. You know only the feeling of nothing left but everything left to give, and it’s a drunk dreamers with bare feet, it’s a cause of evolution and the courage of standing in a parade of revolution that was started with your words many years ago. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.

WAKE UP! and on the eve of the celebration of every day that you are lucky to watch, and thank them, watch and smile and get mad when you need the fire to go further.  You are nuclear. 

People are together, and it’s about everything that everyone has ever been through, and so the time has come to go and leave. You know better than anyone alive in this world that this will never stop


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