(REVISED RETRACTED AND A NOTE) Short Robot Reading of sixty pages of book


I removed the sound files, but there’s more about my book in here that is interesting. I was really tired last night and later I realized I want people to read it, not listen to it right away. I’ll get a proper audio book done sometime of it, but not now. But I post because there is some good ideas in what I wrote. It can be seen as a journal entry about last night, which was a important night in the writing process for me. It was seen with defeat that only the person at the time can see, and then you wake up to an old friend, you’re laughing, and everything seems better and back to normal. Life is weird, not easy, beautiful, fun, annoying, funny as hell. That’s mine anyway. On the tracks and bus on tuesday. Tonight I’m going to work for a few hours and pack. I’m trying to figure out what city to move to. This is a good time, again. Oh, and I made a stand alone site for my book. Check it out if you haven’t already.http://thefearthegoing.wordpress.com/, I’ll post another character sometime tonight. Anyway here are the topics until 1230.

lizard man


Written last night

For some reason I’ve trusted writing and the history of writers maybe more than I should have. I chose this battle. I don’t know. Maybe it wasn’t even a battle None the less here’s a easter egg. I’m Not going to tag this and It’s for those who are really interested. It may sorta give a different experience in reading the book. That might not be a bad thing. The prose seem more fluid when I read it but oh well i’m still growing. I’ll remove this post but I thought why not (I rather people read it but this is a good overview of me detached from a fictional story) you people have been here every step of the way. I have the 3rd draft of novel done. But because I’m in charge of everything, and it’s a little over 463 pages long (after 100 cut) I’ve had to make it into two books for the first run, and I need the money because I already committed to moving and ha, I have a few months of rent saved up and then I’m fucked… So who knows. Anyways whatever and I worked hard on it so I wanted to share. It’s good. The robot doesn’t do it justice and there are some editing errors still, but it’s a big step in the narrative over the last major one a spontaneous revolution which was 2010. The first part is macro, the second micro. The first part get’s close to far out there, the second part is more classical literary. If I would describe it so far after listening to forty minutes of it I would say it’s the beat generation vision of society and literary spiritualism, but like pan’s labyrinth is to a alice in wonderland type story, it’s very post american dream, it’s living in the fallout of innocence and coming to terms with how stupid you were. Here’s 4 parts, roughly sixty pages of book 1. There’s a good ending and I think people we’ll like both books and some will hate each one because they focus on both classic and insane. When I get both books out by the end of this year I’ll put them together as they’re intended. It’s just not possible on my budget right now. I’m tired and don’t know why I’ve done this. Remember this is draft three. I’m working on draft 4. So what you’re getting is a look at MY PROCESS pretty much like no writer has ever done in the history of doing anything. It’s true. It’s may be a failure. But it’s history. I know that. What I’ve done is  that crazy. I’m glad I was told this was hard and was an athlete. I don’t know how it’s been so easy. I forget the bad times. I’ll never do this again. I already regret it. POST

get beatens

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