Spring Note-eBook PAGE 1. Cast of Characters.

locals and savages


Last night I went out. Beer man, I’m a beer drinker. Slow and fast. Whatever. Getting some new information for my upcoming book. Haven’t been excited to write a book in two years, when I started adventures of a dying young man. Damn.

I’m going to start writing this spring and summer as soon as portable is done. That book, damn, way more difficult than I anticipated. A book should be difficult, but man, whatever. It is what it is. So this is something that I do. I write about things, about nothing, about some-thangs’. Page one. Page one of my spring notebook. Oh, and last night, went out and got some research for Locals and Savages.

Today: HUNGOVER. DYING. Too old, not yet, but getting there. Talking and yelling and hiding in the corner. DUDES AND CHICKS MAN. SO MANY Locals learning to become, savages,  or is it vice versa, oh I’m not sure yet, that’s the point of me writing the book.

I found some new characters and inspiration. So far here’s the list of names, the cast so-to-speak. (Note, for my journal entries, that will go into the summer, I am going to pick a band and include them in my posts. Give you, the masses, the consumers of free words, somethang’, to listen to. ROCK!

Locals & Savages, A BOOK

The Cast So Far

Henry Oldfield: Hero

Johnny 6: Crazy Nomad Homeless man who lives down by the lake in a tent in the woods

Hemingway: Hero’s pal

Gia Zang: Cool chick who hangs out sometimes

FatBoy Dick: Villain, Pure Evil. The definition of, EVIL.

 Axel Foley: Pal who escaped the small town, now bad ass cop/actor. No relation to Beverly Hills cop. His parents were really into eddie murphy. You will learn more about this.

Frankie Sea Lion: Friend from college who comes into town once in a while, for the local girls. He’s also an inventor

Mad Mel: Lunatic who says he was experimented on by people at a rainbow gathering, who he also says work for the government  Says that there is a conspiracy between hippies and Nazis. He’s insane and was born in the 97675 dimension  Really strange dude. Hemingway can’t stand him. Mad Mel and him share some kind of connection. What we do know about Mad Mel is that he is probably a Paranoid schizophrenic who thinks he is Siddhartha from Afghanistan desert that’s into transcendental meditation so he can find true happiness-ness-ness

The Bash Brothers: Locals who own pizza shop. 

Discovered some more interesting stuff about locals and savages:

Time Period: Ten years after, The Internet of Everything.

New Character: Blaise Blatin. Young Journalist who works for Michigama-Live: News and Media organization that reports to the area. Owned by, The ApplesauceFoxMohn.com Group.

Location: Pinch Town, in the State of, Michigama, of the Nonunion Confederacy of Merica’.
More to come…

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NOW, For a run, a shower, trying to get rid of this hangover, so I can get back to…DAY 85 of THE EDITING


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