Day 84 of the editing process…


And so I’m calling it. My book will not be done. I don’t know. I just cant do it right now. It’s not the writing, it’s the editing. I want it to be perfect. I did about four thousand words today, and I still have about another twenty thousand to go. I started at 6am, it is now, 915 pm. I could keep going, but I just don’t have it, you know what I mean. I shouldn’t be writing this message right now, but I was thinking about some philosophy as I was writing, and so here..(be around Monday  3/25/no! Looking like April first, a fools day for sure, it will haft to be. I need to relax and be goofy and chill out. Get up tomorrow and get back into character. My new writing is so much more refined than some that I have had to edit edit edit, and like said, some goes back to 2005, and it’s good, just needs some help. Beer me…

A week late aint bad for a almost 93,000 word hardcover book, one where the writer did all the artwork and advertising. Damn man, and even though not many people care, well I’m kinda upset with myself. But really, I cant do anything about it. Beer me…

The Portable Andrew H. K, Out Soon 4/1/13 


ha ha

What the hell am I? You ever ask yourself that, and some human or something once said, that darlin’, the best is yet to come. Better than the dead? I don’t know man, only, more…and that’s… IT.

Since 2008 I’ve been looking for what I’m going to say, and then doubt, later on, as I’m alone waiting for something (I don’t know what) drinking the idea away in the cold Michigan spring. A new idea? NEW?

And what will the new look like, ha, I don’t know, and in my mind, it’s still coming together; everything is slowly learning when and how and why, but mostly, when; WHEN is the most important rule (or action/the lack there-of) right now.

When to delete and when to leave be. When to add and when to stay pat. When? When is the most important rule right now.

And the words are already there, still here, but I’m still not ready. I think therefor I am and so what? It takes something real, to admit that you’re not good enough yet.

HA! A computer will never tell you it’s not ready to be, the best.

This is a problem for the field of artificial intelligence. This future realization of, the unseen variable of, possibility. I think…


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