Wanderings of a writer in the digital age #1

Short intro of series:

Being a writer is a choice, but if you choose the adventure, expect drinking because you cant sleep, and it’s not as sexy as they (I don’t know who they are) make it out to be. This aint rock and roll folks. It’s long hours of waking up at 4am in the morning and work til midnight everyday until you die. I love it. I also loathe it. Right now, yeah, I should be writing…  no, i mean editing. Editing usually really means basically completely rewriting when it’s not good enough. I unplug the internet every two hours. I’m going to do it one more time for the day before I go print some copies of the draft and walk around and read and drink Oberon, and that’s a seasonal beer here in Michigan that comes out around this time for the summer, heavy and it used to be stronger, but so begins spring when it is made, marking the shenanigans that go down around the great lakes when people wake up from the darkness that is winter.

Anyway, so I’ll post these once in a while. Just things that I read and I was thinking   about when I should be getting a damn book done. and so…

Seriously, why? Because…

Pick something, anything, and fight for it. Make the rest up as you go.

I was at the store getting some soup and…

I know it’s not the place you go to get lit, but seriously, the must read rack at Meijer Super Store, is rows and rows of Dr. Seuss books. That is damn ridiculous. A bunch of grown adults saying, “this is a good one”. “Yeah, I read that before”. Oh the places you’ll go Merica’…

Sitting in the car in the parking lot contemplating driving far far away if it was my car I was listening to the radio, and…

Thanks NPR, for explaining to me the past hour and a half, that video games are not cookies, duh. The programming these days, and I blame you people and your damn children. If I had a kid it would be chopping wood or working in the mines or picking up power converters from Tashi Station after cleaning the droids up. Physical labor and reading the encyclopedia is what children need, not damn cookies or video games. lol.

My mind drifts to places it doesn’t need to go…

Some dumb song by the gin blossoms er’ something just drifted into my head from somewhere. I hate my brain sometimes. I wont share it, because it sucks. 

The Plot Thickens…

So the villain was once a nice person, but they were taken over by the mind of a door, a red door, that has been kicked one too many times by back rent begging tenants. The door has been plotting for over a century, how to get back at humanity. It’s like The shining meets GhostBusters two, meets, Apollo 13.


An episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, Season 3 EP 1, Called Evolution. In this episode escaped nanites threaten the Enterprise as well as its critical research mission. 

Damn. What an adventure that show was.

May 27th, 1966:

Lennon: “Tell me about the mamas and the papas.”
Dylan: “You’re just into the big chick. She’s got a hold of you too.”

Alright. Bye…

P.S: Scanned paper PDF files make me happy. I’m sick. lol. With that said Oh, here is something to read:

Gonzo journalism by, Gloria Steinem, ‘I was a playboy bunny’. full text, pdf:


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