To burn or not to burn (the early days of your artistic past)

Below you will find three books (click on picture for further investigation) that contain short stories, philosophical meditations, and sociological observations that span the years 2006-2009, and made up what became, The Errand Boy Philosopher Series.  They were printed and I did sell about a hundred of each, and I’ve thought about over and over again if I should just remove this content from my public writing career, burn the manuscripts so to speak. I was twenty four and just started writing, was buried in philosophy and my sociology courses, but for some reason I believed that I was creating masterpieces. I was young and hit by the magic that writing can hook a young idealistic kid with, and I’ve come a long way since I first started typing on these keys, but still, they hold as much love and passion as any of my writing does since and up to the present. These are first editions. Sometime within the course of this long life I hope to live as a writer I’ll do edits and get a second edition out. That will take time. For now, it’s all part of the adventure. Thank you for reading. 



One thought on “To burn or not to burn (the early days of your artistic past)

  1. Never forget how you started! One day when you’re dead and famous people will study those in universities to understand your early years! It’s so awesome that you were published so young. Don’t burn it!

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