An Adventure in American Writing Stunt

And nope, I’m not digging for more. I’m taking this at face-value, for fun, and man, social media, what a great thing…Anyway, I learned about this word Titin, and if I needed anything else to waste my time, oh damn, fuck it, I’m going for it. This was first reported on some other site, and by science:

“The Longest Word in English Takes 3.5 Hours to Pronounce”

Now for some training music and after some nice PDF versions I crafted for the big show that I will give to the masses, as a kind of holiday present  This might take a few days to get into proper shape.

(Update: I’m not going to do this. Who am I kidding. Not a question. I don’t have time for this. I have books to write and drinks to drink, and also, yeah, it’s the holidays, code for, I’m lazy as shit when I’m not writing and creating stuff. ha…)

Titin (about)

Titin (The Word)

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