From the confirmed written draft of Star Wars Episode Seven.

Spoiler: OK , sitting under the solar flares on earth it came to me, and well, I know how the New Stars Wars begins, Episode 7.

So, (ha), 25 years after Return of the Jedi (after scroll) the camera pans down to a familiar planet.

Blinking eyes, and we’re going through the woods, faster and faster, something seems to be running time-lapsed through the forests of Endor. We hear Obiwan’s voice, saying “It was like a million voices crying out in unison”, then suddenly, only silence. Darkness.

Open to the old eyes of Luke Skywalker, now a hermit and existing with R2D2 in isolation. Standing in front of him is Wicket the Ewok, now a Jedi, with a young Ewok named Farthur, who was born wielding the force unlike anyone in the galaxy since Yoda. Farthur is the last hope, as the dead Anakin (once again played by Hayden Christianson) has found a way to transcend into the ghost realm where dead Jedi lurk within that strange blue light limbo.

Begin imperial march theme song.

In 2015, the bears are back! So many toys. This is the Disney dream. Tim Burton is directing. Warwick Davis is thrilled.

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