Please Just Go

Last post about books for til Sunday, ha. Anyway though id share some of what the editing process is like for me. This scene even has some character interaction. It’s unedited and full of problems that will be fixed. But I thought id for once post something from the first draft. probably end up deleting this when the book is done in two weeks. 

The text (you’re going to have to make it bigger all by yourself, I dont have the time) is under the recording of the practice reading that I conduct once in a while for documentation purposes. Listen or don’t. I don’t care. 

I look around my apartment, now fully awake. I look out the window, out through the screen. The sun is up in the sky, now fully up for the day. I look around, I’m fully awake.  I look around my apartment, now fully awake. I look out the window, out through the screen. The sun is up in the sky, now fully up for the day. I look around, I’m fully awake.  Looking at all the chaos in my apartment that has been done in only a week or two or three since I’ve been hanging out with Apostolo I keep looking, and well, I squint my eyes and look at the sun and I man I just need these people out of here, out of my life, gone just gone, I just want these people gone. First I wake up my girl, the one I woke up to. I tap the brunet lighty where she is cuddled up on the couch wehre for some reason we didn’t take my own bed, for some reason Apostolo and his girl are in there, for some reason I ended up on my old futon couch that canna fold down no more. The brunet looks so innocent sleeping and I cant remember her name and I cant remember her face from last night, who the hecks knows what we did. I don’t want to mean but I want her gone, I want everyone gone, I want to runway and I’m not leaving them here in my apartment to do whatever they want for how ever I’m going to be gone. I tap her again, she’s warm. I tap her again, she smiles. I tap her again! She opens her eyes. Morning baby she says and yeah I smile and tilt my head like a dog that’s confused at what he just saw. Time to get up hun I say as I throw her some pants which I think are hers. I don’t have a shirt she says. Where is yours I don’t know she says. I think I lost it last night when we were at the lake. The lake I say? We were at a lake? Yeah baby she starts to say and places one smooth leg in her pants at a time. Never mind, just time to get up, time to leave, hurry alright I don’t have allot of time. For time, why cant you come back and lay around with me I just cant alright. Sorry. Get up. Come on I clap and grab a sweatshirt of sophies and toss it to the brunet so atleast I don’t send her out of my house half naked, cause well this was never in my plans, I mean I really aint this kind of guy.  I open the window to my bedroom and flush the toilet in the bathroom that is connected to my bedroom. I know on the walls and brush my eeth and spit louder than I usually do. I flush the toilet again and open the window and that does it the sound of the outside world come crashing in. One thing hung over mid-twenties kids don’t like is the sunlight and the cars and the honks and the wheels on trucks and mini vans, and they sure as hell don’t like them bird chirps all that much when their hung-over and on only a couple hours asleep. And man I don’t have no coffee for them so they just need to get up and get on out of there, cause I need to run away and well I want to hit the road now and forget about these folks for a while, maybe forever, who knows, maybe not forever, just saying their wake up call to leave me alone is now. And that sun wakes them up and so does the cardinals squalor. What is it man dusty says as his girl, a young blond, has to only be around nineteen years old, she puts a pillow over her head. No get up. You guys got to go. What? Henry we just went to bed like three hours ago. I don’t care, no explain. I know I know. You just get up and leave alright. Um, my parents are going to be here on less than an hour now. I forgot they are coming. (My parents aren’t coming. This is all I could think off. The only lye I could get them the hecks out of here with. )

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