When you can’t create, you work.

I wasn’t sure what do with this book, fiction, that I had a manuscript of (which I’m still thinking if I should change) called Visions of Michigan, because it’s very real and more critical than Adventures of a Dying Young Man, and in that story the writing style is much different and almost makes the main protagonist of both books  almost into a cartoon. I wasn’t sure america wanted to hear what led to the fall, the wandering, but as I’m editing it together and giving it a strong narrative that flows better than I could have even hoped for, well I cant wait for reactions from the high lords and literary judges who are going to read this whole book in the contests I’m entering it into. I’ve deleted most of the posts concerning this book, and I will delete them all, but at the same time I get excited about my writing sometimes, so I’ll post short sections of the book as hair on my arms every so often rises with damn, that sounds oh-so-nice.

So yeah, back to the editing and I should have the first of three sections completed by Friday, the whole book should be done in two weeks and ready for editing and proofing. The deadline is August 10th. I made the deadline. The due date for the contests are around or shortly after the first of September. ( you can click on picture for better readability.)

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