So, what happens next?

Remainders of memories

Waiting to see what happens in the darkness it starts to rain. Darkness, only darkness; raining reminds me that I’m still alive as the drops seek into my skin. Darkness rain and the windows howl hoo, as if scared lil feet on wood of a lost lil ol lion dog. Rain drops and a spinning globe, only felt not seen and heard are the sounds, sounds of the train and it’s right on time. Darkness and rain and please hold still; my voice is just ta’ hushed itself down already by the beating anxious pumps of my heart. And sure is, my heart is right, I do need ta’ just ta’ halt this movin of my rattlin’ lips, cause well, only nothingness. Darkness. Somethingness, and the remainders of lost memories as raindrops hiss after falling down, splashing into my veins. (End chapter.)

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