Meet the idiot savants within the Pages of The Adventures of a Dying Young Man.

Sorry, no coffee or cracker cheese folks, and never mind… Yeah, I was just going over and I’m almost at the end of the third complete draft of my novel called Adventures of a Dying Young Man, and well, I was thinking that I really want to introduce Henry to the public before I send him out forever to be alone. This is his last book, and I may go back to working on Visions of Michigan someday, which as I’ve said before is kinda the prequel to adventures, but as far as new material in his present moment, well these revisions are the end of his and my worlds intermingling with one another.

That said, I’m going to give a few people the opportunity to read the final manuscript of this novel before it goes to printing. As said, I’m on the third final draft, new things happening every time, and the end is still not written. Before I go to bed I can’t sleep, so I close my eyes and think about how the book should end, how Henry should go out. I think I have it but still don’t really know, this is what’s great about creative fiction writing, you know, not knowing what’s going to happen with your own fictional character. All I know is that Saturday is my birthday, I turn 31, and I’m clearing my schedule and going down to Lake Michigan and going to write the last chapter until sunset. I’m dramatic sometimes, the book is very cinematic, and it needs to go out with a smile, a thunderbolt, and yeah, it needs to go out with as they say a BANG!

Below is the introduction to a Summer Travelin book Vol 1 that I have for sale, and it talks a bit more about who Henry is and how he thinks. Anyway, back to the editing, hope everyone is safe and writing up a storm, but a storm without thunder, cause I have a friend who is a shitz-zu, and she hides in the bathtub anytime she hears thunder, it’s kinda sad, but smart you know?

Anyway, So yeah here is a narration talking about Henry. P.S Let me know if anyone out there would like to read the final manuscript of the Adventures of a Dying Young man. I’m on the third draft, will probably have to do five, and it’s set to be released the middle or end of July. K. Peace. Bye.

 Introduction to, a Summer Travelin Book Vol 1

 And these days as they say…and yeah, so many people within the masses have pointed out that the foundation that we’ve built our social garden upon seem to be a mess. And this can be seen as good news for my generation who is now almost done growing on up.  This is exciting news, cause yeah, this strange era that we have been born into aint all bad news. I mean the upshot of being alive these days, the nice thing about a world in chaos, is that every institution is changing and even breaking down in front of our very eyes, and this is once again opening the world up for the idea people, the visionaries and dreamers. Thus reality, the streets and the cities and the roads of the land, are as if they are changing and breathing just like the wild west of the early internet days.

And this is what this Book that you now hold contains. This book is an apocalyptic weapon of mass indecision, this lil ol pile of paper is filled with so many modern words and facts and fictions that are made out of so many philosophies and histories. And a few of the tales follow the made up character that is found in a few of Andrew H. Kuharevicz’s manuscripts, and his name is Henry Oldfield. And so for many readers well this handmade American book is our first chance to meet the themes that Henry mumbles over within that brain of his. You will come across that aspect of life, the point when the adventure in life is caught in the chaos of those organized evils that are living within all of human society; the jaded, the mean, the angry, the emotions that derive from those who only want money and profit; those who don’t seek dignity, those who want to bring the savage truth of the modern world to those that still have human goodness. You will read about those villains who want to halt the journey of those who merely seek to see what this existence is all about.

But reader, never fear, for Henry is a goof, and what do goofs do? Yeah, they end up getting through the tuff times and learning about the importance of laughing. Goofs persevere and yeah goofs really are the genetic specimen of human natural selection. For goofs shine on, they adapt, oh how they end up just being a goof and having themselves a good time singing in the rain.

In one specific narration inside of this collection, titled The Lion Cub Kitten of Key West (which, by the way, isn’t found in Adventures of a Dying Young Man) is really only about those moments in life when a person finds that they’re alone in a place that is so far away from home. But instead of getting mad or packing it in, well like I said Henry is a goof, so instead of feeling fear and anxiety from new sights and sounds they take it all in, and they are alone, you are alone, we are all by ourselves and stranded in isolation within a new area that seems to live in a different dimension than you do. You are just there, and instead of getting nervous you almost meditate, you seem to become invisible to other eyes that already lived here before you arrived, and now lost the character paints a new picture of the world that is different but one which is still very familiar as the home they’ve wandered away from. This short prose section seems to have the themes of just enjoying the good life, just enjoying the natural world around you, and yeah man, as Henry would perhaps say, just taking it in.

 The margins in this book are a tad bigger too, so write and doodle away and use for a journal if you would like. I like words, and If you like my words well then I probably like your words. And so it goes…

 Let’s go, blah-blah, and with that said, well pop a squat cause well it’s Time for the Show…

Note: “As in my other works of fiction: All persons living and dead are purely coincidental, and should not be construed. No names have been changed in order to protect the innocent. Angels protect the innocent as a matter of Heavenly routine.” Kurt Vonnegut


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