The Summer of Transference, Chapter 1

It started with a thank you, a thank you from a police officer named Gary McCarthy, a thank you in response to an initial thank you, an exchange of reaffirming and positive salutes between a protester and a man of the law, two people that based on freedom and humanism and by definition should be standing together, allowing for the peaceful resolution of the same thing to happen.

It started with a thank you, and this will not be forgotten. The event, the thirst for an event to play out; the dreamers will to step out of the digital and into the real, it all started with a thank you.

The summer of transference has begun. Saddle up partner, for the further Adventures in American writing twirls words like pistols riding a wise ol horse that’s really only a distorted language that echoes behind the movie screens within the age-old mythologies of Plato’s cave.

The summer of transference, and it started with a thank you

2 thoughts on “The Summer of Transference, Chapter 1

    1. What are you talking about when you say enjoy writing? ha. are you a robot? Sure ill maybe take a job, but writing what? And how much? Reply back with details if you’re not a robot.

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