Why Now? Why Again? Hollywood and I guess what is an obsession with Classic books and Struggling writers

I’m a writer, a workhorse, an artist human writer blob of mass, and I try to keep this blog somewhat abstract and classy, but well, I cant catch a break, am tired as shit and only looking to relax. So as I go sit and wait in the backyard and try to think of something cool so I can afford some relief, well I thought this was interesting. Oh and I’m not even attempting a comment with the film that just came out in France, called On The Road. People had the exact same reaction to it when I was reading their reviews as the book did when it was released in 1957. Nuff said. Anyway, short blog about the title of this post.Drum roll please….and here is why being a writer is about to be considered bad ass again. This might be a bad thing and chances are these movies will be scorned. Not sure. Anyway Hollywood is obsessed with the classics all over again. First trailer from an HBO movie. Second is a new version of the Great Gatsby from the director of Romeo and Juliet. Third is a movie that looks kinda embarrassing (no, real embarrassing, but hey my opinion has never counted, ever, so don’t get mad) called “Words”, and it’s about well, stealing words. Whatever, thought I’d share. What do you think? That is, if you do think. Are you a Robot? Huh. bye society.


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