Echoes of the end of summer

(the paper Mountain collection, a  project of mine I’m just placing all on this blog, the landslide will be over soon I Hope I Think I Know.)

Echoes of the end of summer


Morning of poetry

Morning of bald eagle nest

Morning of echo, highway miles away

Echo of rifle from decades ago

Echo of voices of only nights ago

Echo of Oliver the owl’s hoot, a nightmare of pain


Of toast

Of coffee

Of sunshine

Of outfitted school photo


Morning of bare feet

Morning of lighter flicked

Morning of an earlobes bug, a wake up ring


Echo of wolf hound flops back to sleep

Echo of caterpillar falling from the grate

Echo of the snail tree still moving

Slowly crawling

Slowing smiling

Slowly breathing

Slowing watching

Echo of cat food scoop


Morning of back door forest smell

Echo of sunshine arms moving the dial






Sunshine rising born in the womb of trees

Sunshine rising feeding the last of summer

Sunshine arms moving the dial





Morning of the first song

Echoes of the first fall breeze

Morning of the first butterflies

Echoes of the squirrels jump, the baby bird’s worm

Morning of the wind combing the hair of the trees

Echoes of a sister sleeping

A sister growing





from a child into a nervous human


Morning of love

Morning of no more dreams

Morning of sisters, and brothers

moving on within the

Echoes of the end of summer












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