First Floridian Storms

Birds nose dive

Palms are bending

cars are speeding by

car salesmen are running indoors


First Floridian Storms and

clouds almost touching the ground

water ripples without stone skip

tiny lizards looking up towards me,

towards the sky


First Floridian Storms and

corporate jets flight path changed

ducks and swans covered eggs with wings

eyes wide open and light…





First Floridian Storms and

thunder shakes as rain

taps the roof as rain

taps as rain is

tapping like bullet proof glass.


First Floridian storms and

I’m sweating on the streets


First Floridian Storms and

I’m editing in the streets as

I’m writing in the streets and

of course I’m riding the bus.


First Floridian storm and


no blinks…

Blue sky…

doors open…

birds come back out…

 First Floridian storm and



Close doors and

we’re rolling.


 After First Floridian Storm


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