Update: Hand-Made Written Summer Travelin Books

My Three Real Books are still being made by a professional paper binder but I’m making 200 (as far as now for demand) of these handmade travel Books. They have some of my best writing in them, as well as are put together with care and stand for the physical written word, also will never fall apart, trust me on that one. This is an Art Book with photographs on the covers and within the interior there are some alternative sketches and doodles that detail the concept of the whole art direction of the more store type Books that my other three releases will be coming out as, just more traditional you know, but like we really need more of the same ol business plan. I needed some money and something to get my name out there (promotion) cause I am traveling to three cities next week for a trial run of my summer tour. So I made these, and yes they are great. If you want one they are ten dollars and contain eighty pages, each one is different and will have a page of my original typewritten manuscript inside of them. Message me at WestVinePress if you want one and we can figure it out from there. In the pages there is also a how to make your own books set of directions and scattered blank pages with writer ideas to get ya going when you’re wandering around or backpacking or whatever you do this summer. Each one will be numbered to 200. Cool, back to work I go, just mowed the lawn and got all dazed out lookin at some cool clouds. I hope your spring is preparing you for the summer, because I have a feeling it’s going to be a wild season for all things social, for everyone within humanity.

Andrew H.Kuharevicz



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