The Only One Awake

Chirp Chirp the birds are awake and there’s this robin that is nested above the door and when I leave the house I feel like I’m intruding without announcement on somebody else’s home. Paper cut on my tongue and a hang nail on so many fingers and gorilla glue giving me bear hands. Working tired twenty hour days and now the weekend is here. Going to glue these books send them in the mail and then open a beer at six thirty in the morning. Friday is here, six books a day, some walks and back at  it hardcore on monday. I need a break, cause well even I know I’m tired. Here is a couple of links to what I have been listening to as I’ve been a one man wrecking ball. Also some pictures of the books by hand that I’m doing, and they will be available online tomorrow with a more traditional online distributor, but if you want the full vision of what these books and I’m all about, well then let me know, cause you need one of these. I’m making 100 for now, and at most 200. they are 15 bucks a piece and I have sold 53 so far. so yeah, rock and roll. Bye, and have a safe and good weekend humans.

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