At Home Word experiment and poof rabbit proof

This is a fun adventure if you choose to accept. After the final proofs of words you will find an at-home-or-at-wherever you are word experiment. These are just the last scoops of my series of proofs of An Untitled and Written E.P, (and this book) allows the reader to test the waters, to see if the temperature is just alright enough to step on into. And even if you don’t read it, well as I said and already promised, this thin word-filled object can double both as a fan and a paper cutting shank when the end of the world (as promised by those apocalyptic people) at last arrives knocking on our doors just a tellin us humanoids that yeah, our run here on earth, is well, yeah, just over. Weapons will be important when the apocalypse knocks on your door and good fer you, because this lil ol book, yeah, you can use it as a weapon.

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