Write about Life: an update on books, a note to self, and pictures of poetic things

(Pictures at bottom of more words than this update probably needed)

First let me say, I hope all is well in your life, and so…

Alright. Update on Books and then something new and something newer. Had a breakdown Friday night. The holidays in my family always brings unwanted dramatic tendencies. Spring Micro brew and another week gone and still so far away from finishing my books, and I’m still growing as person, and sometimes I can get dark, and I did, I got really dark, and life just took another necessary toll.

But I slept a bunch and sobered up. I only get drunk once a week now, and when I go, I go, and I jump down the rabbits hole as far as anyone has ever dared to go. Anyway, I will never find the middle ground of creating and editing. I have way too many projects on the burner as we speak, and goodness, I just added a new story to the burner. I’ll get to that in a second.

My big collection is still slowly working its way to the final third edit, then i have to read it out loud, a couple of people are reading it for me, and then agent checking it out, and if you know of good young hungry agents shoot them my way, cause man my agent is good for the party scene, setting up readings in bars and at houses and what not, but real book stores well it looks like im going to just walk in there and be like hey now let’s have us a book reading folks, all just wearing my flannel and robe like I just walked out of bed, and hopefully I did, cause yeah, I always need me more sleep than I get.

So after sobering up I sat down at my typewriter on saturday night and everyone was gone. I worked for twelve straight hours and had two dogs sleeping behind me, and yeah out the tale and words flowed. A new story, and it’s a love story, a post modern space opera in the vein of naked lunch and Alice in wonder land, throw in some beat spontaneous prose and obituaries and there ya go. You have a new novel, and so far I can tell its the best one ive ever written, and all on the typewriter, and for me that royal is sure holy, cause man in two days I had sixty-seven pages of single spaced old school type face. And I cranked out a really good outlines and it’s nice, really nice story. But I’m going to go slow on that, keep editing my collection and the adventures of a dying young man, cause I know the end of this month is a deadline that is being pushed back, and back, and well just back; but still both of em are coming along, and spent another four hours on them tonight, I’m about to pull up my boot-straps and work until eight am before I have to watch this documentary on artificial intelligence and write a report for a friend who needs a good mark or something. Anyway, im going to get four hours of sleep today then I have to go shopping for old people and work at the docks pulling up metal out of the cold water.

So yeah, that’s an update. And oh yeah, writing on the typewriter as much as I have been lately has been wonderful. The editing and re reading process make me crazy, and angry, and annoyed at myself for being human and who I am. Cause I love to create but slicing and shaving for you people, well ha, it takes a lot of work, but I will say it’s a part of the process that has made me a better writer. I think Ray Bradbury said that when you complete a manuscript you should put it in a safe and hidden place for a year, and let it bake, slowly, and then come back for it when you’re detached and more objective about your own words and characters. And being me, the type of person I am, I just want to eat the story cold, like a can of raw chicken noodle soup. I have a hard time waiting. It’s just hard to find that middle ground you know, cause I have to get into the character of some of the individuals who are in the stories that I have written, and that takes preparation and days just to not be afraid of being that character. A bit like acting I suppose.

FINALITY is something I’ll never truly understand, but I wrote this poem called objects in my life, and it was inspired from Jack Kerouac who said foremost write about objects, about people and life. Sketch that which you see. SKETCH IT. SKETCH IT MAN-WRITER MAN, Just SKETCH IT, and so… I’m not going to post that poem because I said to myself I wouldn’t transfer any of my typewritten new material until I got the old material out, which some of it is over a year old now, and this really has been the most growth ive ever had in one year, and I can feel that I’m almost there at being the person I want to be, the artist I want to be, and I’m not really scared of other writers and of critics, of haters of my life, because at the end of the day they are just silly people who have secret issues that only they know about. My only goal is to be happy and become a good person, and do what I love, which is writing and creating the visions that I see with these eyeball things. I have worked hard to have comedy, spontaneity and social awareness, in combination with philosophical and scientific reason. Combining this with who I am and my life has seen its ups and downs, but this journey of life has been so enjoyable, and for all those who are not yet alive, well try it out, it’s not as bad as some would have you belive. I like life. It is what it is.

Below are some pictures that I took today, just objects in my life, and I wrote a poem about each picture for an exercise. Another week is here, let’s see what happens. Cool. Bye.

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