A ramblin’ post of nonsense #1

Just thinking about writing…

1: Sometimes while editing your writing you can get in the flow and hit every note like a song that you’ve practiced for years on the guitar but one that just every so often you play perfectly. And that’s when writing is fun. Just saying. It’s all subjective but true.

2: Before I started playing baseball i was the kind of kid who after school went home, and even when i had all my little pals over and we had all the action figures out I thought their narratives were unoriginal and boring, and so I’d then go off in the corner with my star wars guys and get lost in the epic battle that was taking place in my mind later to look up and see that my pals were watching me telling a story, and it was like a campfire down in the basment, and the point is it was just a weird feeling when the other day when I realized for the first time that’s basically what i do all these year later with writing. And even though there’s not usually a captive audience anymore it’s still just as fun to get lost in your imagination for a couple hours after the nine to five grind and the hysteria of the nice and normal. It resets the mind and so words are sorta like action figures, after you forget, that they’re just words.

And today, it is sunday. Last sunday was my birthday. I’ve been thirty four, for a whole week now and…

Today, it’s a perfect cool blue May day for cleaning and reading, coffee and bike riding and a BLT, and then, more coffee and cloud watching and so, it just seems like a real good day to finish a phase of life and then, move on towards something new.


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