What I say isn’t always what I do….

I know I said I wasn’t going to post again for a while, but this is my blog and I can do whatever I want. And so….


The last few days I’ve read this book. and it’s a good feeling when you read your own past work, after enough time, and the story holds up and the prose are good enough to stand against the improvements you’ve made. And now I’ve had some major misses, namely my last book, but I’m pretty sure one day the books in The Adventures of A Dying Young Man Series, will be seen as classics. I know that seems cocky or delusional, but that’s the feeling i got after I read the book as a reader. Hopefully the third book will be out by the end of the year. I wont even think about editing it again until my life is stable, for it will take a very steady hand, as well as a calm mind. I cant be running around like a vagabond beatnik when editing this kind of fiction, because I’m too old for that.

If you want a copy, go HERE!



2 thoughts on “What I say isn’t always what I do….

    1. Yeah, and “Classic”….might be a strong statement. But I’m a hardcore reader, was before I was a writer, and it was just nice being like, who wrote this, I did. It was refreshing because I’ve written some books that I don’t like very much. These are my only two real novels, the others are experimental, and you find some mistakes and syntax problems that aren’t really as noticeable to the reader, or even to some of the best editors, but just something that you’ve improved on. So, taking a step back from the emotion of the post, I don’t know if they are classics, but with these books I tried to write the books I wanted to read, and I succeed with that. Some people might not like them, one sorta famous, or as they say, professionally legit writer (whatever that means) read it and said I had a impressive imagination but he wasn’t impressed with my style of prose. I tend believe he was just intimidated by the scope and potential of my work, but ha. Rock and Roll. But they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but also, they’re mixed with many influences, like a dj would use. twain meets Kerouac meets Hemingway and Camus, as well as many others. So “classic”, maybe only in my mind, but that’s good enough for me. So please do, check them out, if you like them share with other people, because it is a series, and it’s getting pretty damn good. I hope I can complete them. They’ve become sorta my life’s work.

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