Once Again Pulling The Plug Until At Least End of August

Really getting in the groove again and maybe that is the problem. When I’m in the zone I can put blinders on, and a writer’s records is an ocean of thought, and sometimes it feels like I can’t catch a break, and I’m not complaining, this is what I do,  but the world is full of so much insanity and I’m a decent person who’s highly educated and trying his best to be optimistic but nobody seems to want to pay me for a damn thing; and I don’t care about money, but I have none to eat or anything else for that matter, and my new collection is really good (maybe on the same level as my adventures of a dying young man series) and I was really into it, and maybe about to put as much effort as I have in the past. I was getting things done and I was going to try to finish it soon, to see if I could sell the thing, but if I did that, if I went awol writer right now I would be much too beat down to do anything else. This takes a lot out of me, just like normal jobs do, maybe more, and I need something to happen now, but seriously I can’t do it right now; I can’t burn burn burn ya dig? Because that would maybe be… suicidal. So that’s why I’m going to stop everything online again, but I’ll be back. Have to figure something out. If you need any editing work or formatting, book making or proof reading, let me know. I’m above average when it comes to all of this and would enjoy helping anyone for minimal financial compensation. I don’t know  what to do in general and/or if anybody needs a writer for anything , well I can’t think of a better person. But until then, I’ll see you towards the end of the summer. Hopefully that collection will be finished by then, but stability is fleeing and my words can’t keep me safe. This is real life. I’m sure it will work out. I just need to get paid. That sounds bad but it is true. You can’t do what I do part time. You have to put everything you have into it, and it is going to get so much better and maybe I have to suffer but when does it stop. I’m not complaining but I’m thirty three and don’t have anything else to lose but my mind, and I refuse to give that away.  This is ridiculous. Maybe the world is doomed. We…shall…see. 

If you are interested in reading any my books, they are all on sale right now (all under ten dollars). Here are three of favorites that I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well. Click on any of the covers to be redirected to the site where you can purchase a copy. As always, thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your summer. Peace. 




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