July Draft Pages, (1 of 1)

If you read this blog/site/digital paper/journal, you know that I do a couple of posts of drafts a month of my actual books in process. I’ve decided to do one a month for now if possible, as I’m still walking the streets asking if I can break down boxes or wash the dishes of perhaps (and I say this with good humor) the most insane culture to ever exist in america. lol….

Anyway, here is the first one…( there might be a couple of random typos , but they are drafts and were mostly written in spontaneous prose. Truth is, I’m not the best writer when it comes to not making a mess while painting, but I’m (I think) becoming a good editor, although a rather slow editor, because after a while, words can play tricks on you. And also, time is hunting me. There are two options for you to read the full eleven pages. You can either click on the cover and read it on the hosted magazine type site, or download the PDF after. ok. carry on. bye fer now. Thank you for reading.



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