Mail bag thirsty thursday. Qusetion for writer #3

Dear Andrew,

I hear you have a new book coming out. I work for The NewYorkSpaceTimes. We’re digging around the old internet looking up some fresh new writers on the block and came across your site. For the record I’ll mention I’m very interested in your work, and if you can give me…a blurb… about what your new project is about, that would be super awesome, and hey… if it fits… we might even print it….how cool would that be?

Just sit on it for a day and let me know and forward me your short letter to this email address.

Thanks so much and have a rad day.

from So & So.

Dear So & So.

This was a pleasant surprise to read this letter in my email today. Yeah I do have a new book coming out. Here’s what I can tell you:

From Far Out There is going to be an interesting book. It’s about how I’ve been kicked out of society.

From A.H.K

coming soon

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