From Far Out There Notes While Editing

Writing the short first part of my book on the Remington machine gun I wanted to separate it and ground it in reality …and so I got this from outer space: “Nine Eleven isn’t the reason I was fired…but it was the day….when the assistant manager of Toys R Us told me I’d no longer be working there.” or something like that. nice.

I like how I’m gluing books together with gorilla glue after making business cards with an electronic typewriter…while Book Face is buying virtual reality machines for two billion dollars. Now that’s a contrast.

If all goes as planned I can begin a new life starting next Friday. But for now…the only plan is tacos and beer. 

Think I just wrote the best paragraph of my life. It only took ten years. Smoke break has been earned.

It’s a pipe…pen….man. It only smokes ink. Nothing to worry about so move on.

I lost the key to a typewriter case that I’m going to sell for 250 dollars. Only I would have this problem (wtf is wrong with me)

heycoming soon

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