Moving Notebook, Page Five

“It’s not sad because it’s true.” Esteban Montejo.

So like many cities in Michigan, my hometown of Muskegon runs on the brewery economic recovery model (and I really think you should have to take a test before you’re given a micro brewery licence…but that’s beside the point and a whole different story)…and I was done with my daily meditation at the library…where I walk back and forth up in the second floor to the Imperial March song (insert empire soundtrack after this post) and read a couple of books each week. This week I’m reading about a run away slave in Cuba who lived to 105 and the auto-biography of Lenin (1930) that was edited by his wife. I was done printing out some proofs and observing the sun set through stain glass, and after they closed I needed a cup of joe to do some more reading. They’ve developed this area of downtown…really looks pretty nice but that’s another story too…and I walked inside of the (it was 7:30pm on a Tuesday) brewery/coffee shop and said, “I’d like a cup of coffee (I don’t drink when I’m working) and the lady said, “we don’t have coffee”. “I thought you were a coffee shop.” “We are, but we’re not ready for the late night coffee crowd yet”. To which I said…. “well I guess I’m getting drunk then…but trust me…I can get real drunk off this stuff fast…” That’s it…and the reason for this story is because I created a new tradition in Shitville. Every time I walk by the Buster Keaton (with hand rolled camera) statue…I give it the middle finger. I think it’s going to catch on around the “Coast West” of Michigan #lol4life.

(P.S. I like my hometown for much of what it is, the lakes and the post war relics are amazing, but the youth culture at times leave much to be desired….for me.)

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