The State of Existence is OK. (File Under: Notes to Self. Notes To Earthworms. Notes To Professionals and Crooks. Notes to Cyborgs. Official update on things in general relativity. The plan. The score. Moving Notebook Page 4)

It’s true and I always forget but I always remember and then I forget and remember…but this is true: I’m best when I’m leaving and I’m best when I going at it solo. I dont know why that is…and so this is going to be a messy message because I don’t have time to stutter and what not so read on folks. I have made an executive decision to do some things and mix it up. Maybe people are wondering… “I thought this book was coming out and now what is this book and that book and blah blah man so what books are going down?”…and I don’t have to explain anything because I know that it happens when it’s done. So the adventures of a dying young man series book c the fear and the going… that’s been pushed back until September. The notebooks and three dimensional boxes collection (it’s going to be expensive anyway, we’re talking at least forty dollars for the hardcover printing) that has been pushed back to any time after may. The first book in that collection which transformed into a real solid book with a strong narrative that went from 50 pages to 166 (or more) pages by the fifth draft will be a book in itself but also included in the collection. From. Far. Out. There. still needs another couple of weeks of edits and rereads and bakes and cooling sessions. It needs artwork and ideas and ribbons and what not. Then I have to finish editing the future dead writers book number three. Both those books will officially be released may first. either or neither or could be released sooner online depending on what they look like. more information of releases will be on the west vine press site. Maybe you wanted to know this information. Maybe you do not. Maybe you just hate me. But it’s here. I got to go do life things for a solid month so I can have a decent birthday for once. That’s exactly in two months. So that’s the score. I’m looking for places to do readings around Michigan and the Midwest and as far south as Atlanta. And so help me if people dont let me read at where I ask I will close you down eventually. I’m not kidding. But I could be joking. Who knows and I don’t think I can make it much further since I’m broke and tired and still have to find a place where I want to live. That’s not easy. So let’s just say I have a ton of shit to do. Anyway, here’s the last free section which I will delete in the next week and clean this site up for fun and ship all these damn typewriters and books and make books by hand and then I’m going to just…I dont know…be cool for a while.

Update: actually I changed my mind. I’m never doing a reading again. I’m going to show up and sell books at places. Maybe other people will read. Maybe I’ll answer a question or something. I’ll probably just nod my head and look out the window. I’m not a performer. Leave that for circus clowns. It’s an honest living so I’m not making fun of it. (maybe I’ll change my mind again. I have many minds. lol.)


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