Wanderings of a writer in the digital age (#1/Season 2, 2014)

  1. I know this sounds strange, but it is pretty freaky writing a novel (that’s far out there already) in a house after you’re told there’s a severe bat problem. what is severe, i mean that’s bad you know, and he said i can get you in to fix the severe problem in three weeks. I almost called today to ask what severe means, like three or ten, or fifty or what a thousand and where are they you know, damn man. this is bullshit. one day I’ll just be gone.
  2.  so backstory, if you read this (and didnt see it before) and are like WTF Andrew: update on digging the ship out of the sea: Well so  the pest control people came. After they climbed on the roof for a while and did what ever else backward ball cap did in the other room while I was doing the tap tap tap… he said “excuse me buddy, but you have a severe bat problem, but most of them are still hibernating”. I said, “Great, so what is a severe bat problem, like are we talking bat country?” And I dont know if he knew my reference, and for some reason I dont think he did…but I do incorrectly speculate…often and frequently…but he said…and I quote, “Major Bat Country”.
  3. good for you.
  4. wonder what his credit score is.
  5. 1901341_10152196124088416_1297830234_n
  6. so these fake student loan idiots called me and I said “listen buddy, I typed in your company”….”how did you do that” he said…”the internet you idiot….and so you’re on the fraud list”. The idiot said “Andrew calm down” and I said, “you know what happened to the last person that told me to calm down”…silence….click.
  7. I almost got hit by a car. that was nice. Got the heart racing. Sometimes it’s good to do things like that, once a week.
  8. It’s all good I’m told. cool man. that’s it. peace.
  9. it’s werid that there’s an extra ounce in beer 24ozs canz these days. You just been future shocked what i dont know
  10. book face said I cant hold a fake gun to my head in my profile picture. i said why. they didnt respond. i said its made of plastic and i even had a warning at the botom that said not real but for real sold on the moon. they didnt write back and they just said nothing after they said no. i guess i lose that picture. whatever.
  11. 1377366_10101745559227232_256590488_n
  12. sup society?
  13. that plan for now is to shower and shave and see where the night takes me. nice.
  14. 945105_10101389408511122_633836112_n
  15. anybody know anything about IP addresses? For some reason mine says it’s here, but well there’s nothing there. this is somewhere in a Kansas mud pit.
  16. 1926773_10102079627801132_517903156_n
  17. Everything is relative right? Somebody was just talking about how two years ago it was 80 out around Michigan when the sun exploded for a while, yeah, that did happen, I wrote thousands of words about it, but damn who cares I just remember that I was at the beach getting sunburned wtf existence:
  18. two years ago
  19. I like to say this to cowards, and sometimes it really pisses them off, “Think about things will ya’…”
  20. for this Saint Patrick’s Day, I’m going to eat some sour patch kids and watch gremlins. nice.
  21. Dear society. From Greatest writer of his generation (in his mind): Hey, can I live with you? P.S: I have many typewriters.
  22. you ever think about how much you dont think (but still do and say things) 
  23. i’ve eaten many blueberries (i might go back for more even) but everything is bluish purple now and I dont care. This detoxing month is going to be messy for society.
  24. every other day I get a message from somebody in my other folder that says nothing but, “Idiot” from people i dont know. does this happen to you guys? I dont like it very much. well i guess i’ll go drink some hot chocolate now. good talk.lol
  25. Why didn’t I think of that Murdoch? #1 (do I sense sarcasm in your text tone Mr. Rupert?”)
  26. 1
  27. Does anybody else sort of think that this is what happened to the plane that went missing? I do, but then again, it’s probably something a little more logical.
  28. wtf is this nonsense?
  29. the shawshank

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