Updated (Real Rough Draft Pages From Book That is Out OF control)

(Clicking around sleeping and I wasted the day, and so I just thought those of you who actually like this story and what I write should get the chance to read  real unedited as I wrote (how I used to post on this site) what I’m working on like a maniac right now because I want it done, this is draft 8 9 10 11 12? I don’t know, but it keeps creating more narratives and Im on page 270 of 431. I have readings for it on May 8 and 9. and I have to move by the beginning of april…oh no…Ha. I dont know people how this is going to work out for me…but Wish me luck…P.S This post will pretty much self destruct before I go to bed so that could be a while still. This is going to be an old school barn burning night of writing. I dig it but it gets harder and harder the older you get. I sound like old man riva. I dont mind that)

Pulling the plug. too tired of the editing. Punch back in the morning. a little over a hundred pages to go and I’m at a very difficult part of the book and it’s a workout to get into the characters for as long as I do. It wears you down. If you read it, it’s all good so far and my fear is that I get tired and then lazy and the book shows that as i try to get to the end. I dont want the energy to lose its muscle, thus even though i could keep going mentally, physically writing takes more than people understand. beer me.

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