An Early Spring Cleaning (A Big Post Before Leaving)

After some thought and dozens of reality checks, I’m going to take a break for a while on this site. Today Is Feb 20th 2014. I think Hunter S. Thompson checked out on this day for good. I’m not checking out for good or at all, I’m just going to work offline for a while. My existence is in shambles. There are rodents in the walls and people are going into homes, and parents are losing minds and people are just falling apart around me left and right and the sewers are leaking and cars have been stolen and I have to do laundry and shower and shave and stuff…

Wow…the winter has left me in post war mode and I don’t usually talk about that stuff so I’ll stop there. Looking at the calendar, I’ll be back May Number One, and then carry on as usual. But before I peace out and clean up shop here’s a bunch of material in case something happens to me when I go back to the real world…

There’s two pdf files of draft pages of two books I’m working on. A short section of the very beginning of a brand new novel I’m drafting up that’s more mature and not first person fiction like most people are used to seeing by me. There’s also an entire old book I wrote called Happy In Dirt (click on cover of book to read). There are some basic errors in it, and I don’t have time to go over it right now. It was an experimental prose book and I don’t even know where the word file is, and also converting pdf to word is sometimes a long process. I just don’t have energy and time to keep up with this multitasking and juggling nightmare while the ship is sinking and I’m losing badly while still combing for the fine details right now. I’m a writer and I have to get away from this stuff for a while and write and live and make a bunch of cash somehow and try to see what the hell is going on…

Oh…One more thing, there’s the beginning of a half story half essay I’m writing about Truth, that might be good stuff. Anyway, thanks for reading and if you want to read anything else, well buy a damn book.. by clicking HERE!

lol…good day and night and good luck.


Draft Pages For Second Edition Of A Spontanous Revolution


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