The Last Gangster

18e5225b9da0b8430ba02110.Lthe lastHad Gasoline for a long time until somebody saw it in my backpack and asked to borrow it. I said sure and I never got it back. Bought a big volume of his stuff and really got into it reading while in the bus station while I was stuck in the vortex, and I’ll say out of any of the beats, he was my favorite poet, but then again it’s different, it’s like Bukowski but with more heart (i mean that loosely, as I’ve felt his poetry is really more doodles and free thinking. I always prefer his novels) and raw inspiration with the typical hero of homer guiding him, in order…not to hate everything…he has no control over anyway. All around great stuff if you like the streets and a little bit of dirt in your mouth. The struggle of being a good person in a tired world. One of the best American poets to ever live. 


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