W@nderings of a Writer in the Digital Age The Movie # THE VORTEX OF NONSENSE

I had nothing to do but think the past few days, and plans always change and so these are random thoughts number trillion billion kazzilion….

Note to self: Rock The Free World

1. I will always prefer the book (for now) to the digital eBook (mostly because the readers are still terrible) but changing to black screen, white font (takes some time to get used to) works surprisingly well when you give yourself some freedom with a good book font. To do this you have to get under the hood and tweak your (at least with kindles) the setting and then you can use old school book fonts and it seems to simulate the textures better. The experience is still cheap and you can feel the small electrical pulses in your body transferred to you from the machine, but all in all, it works. People who hold them sideways are not real readers and the font size is just ridiculous compared to real books because of the gloss because they’re made for advertising and not for reading. I never thought I’d say anything positive about them, but in the end they can be good for the poor man who likes to read a ton and likes to type up random ideas like this one while waiting to get out of the vortex. I do enjoy the option to highlight and look up words that you don’t know on the spot and it is helpful that it tells you how long you have left in the book that you are reading based on your reading speed. I still don’t like them very much but I don’t really have a choice do I?


2. Still in the vortex. You know what else is a polar vortex. Your momz. (a vortex is one of the lamest scientific words and its been in use forever, it revolves around an imaginary axis, and is basically an illusion that we see with radar and what not, its nothing more than a slow dying storm stuck in a dive bar, hence the spiral arms of galaxies and hurricanes.)

3. It’s very strange that Keith Olbermann is back on ESPN. That channel must be in bad shape, or Keith needs the money and kinda likes sports, or he’s gearing up for a major breakdown/and or/going to say something real mean and true about American media within two months. This will not last long. He’s on five nights a week. He’s going to lose his mind. He hates Disney.

4. it’s not going so good. who cares. There are a couple strange characters talking about gods and science and stuff like that, and every so often they start talking about comic book movies.There’s not much reason, their arguments are both terribly flawed, and it’s not really a premise based approach, more like a primate based approach, but I will say they got the passion for the vomit that we all (and now you) have to listen to. The greyhound science/theology debate score is: Science: 100 Creationism: 2

5. I bet the farmer’s almanac is going to sell a ton of copies next year.

6. Not being locked away has been hard for my writing, and so I was  finally able to calm down and write for a two hours so Beer me. Maybe I can be allowed on the highway in the morning. This is fucking ridiculous. The grand rapids bus station has turned into a war prison. Some people have been sleeping there for three days now. I asked and they said nope. I said soon? He said I don’t know. Thanks polar vortex for making the bus drivers afraid of driving. Public transportation is super fun and everything can kill you…sure, wow, news flash, you’re alive, but we must carry on society, because there will be another vortex, and another, and another, and then there will be nothing. So let’s go.

7. An estimated 2,913 miles from the Equator…there’s….SNOW! MICHIGAN! THE WINTER! OMG! Did me some snow blowing and there’s snow out there and it’s cold and sort of fun because it’s pretty much like The planet hoth. I don’t know if we’ll make it through the night. If we don’t, then I guess I’ll see you in hell.

8. Well I got a spontaneous part time job because nobody will do anything and the old guy was like you want to help. So Back to the moving around of stuff. Shoveling snow out of the streets. Good luck and good night society. Be cool. get it. ha ha. I A good joke human…

9. It only takes some imagination; winter blues isn’t a bad thing. Driving up hill freezing and everything’s empty… driving back, people angry, cold-windows down…nodding head…man…just laughing-hungover and sleep deprived…reading tension suffocating organs, and on mornings…some mornings, what you call…the fear of hell…the dogs days of winter, an arctic blast-deadly winds and a fifty percent chance…everything is possible…some days, these days, are the summer of my mind. It is what it is…nothing.

9. I declare nonsense.

P.S: Should have a book out soon. Peace. Thanks for reading.

Soundtrack for the ending of The Vortex of Nonsense movie:


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