(edited spontaneous words from a book that will be out early 2014)


Introduction, by Andrew H. Kuharevicz

This BOOK needs some music…and I’m thinking Moaning by Mingus. Just the right amount of lean and rhythm for a night like this, and the setting and the weather…the feeling? Sixty-five degrees and the doors are opening and closing and who knows where you’re reading this from. Maybe you’re reading it from a planet that humans haven’t discovered yet or maybe I’m dead or maybe this is the future and The United States of America doesn’t even exist anymore….FOLKS FOLKS FOLKS…and who knows and I don’t care and when it comes down to it I don’t even know why I do anything at all. I don’t even like writing as much as you would think…it’s true and it actually gets really boring… but I guess when push comes to shove I don’t care all that much in general about anything…but seriously…who are these OLD YELLERS? TAP… TAP… TAP… and you just have to do something. You have to move stuff around and this is what the High Lords of Society have trained my monkey mind to believe… and no… I’m just not too sure about anything and I’m not too sure I like you or being a human being and I don’t have a clue who you are or what you are…you are real… right? Yes oh that’s good and so Ok… then you must have eyeballs and what I’ll call an inner-voice… yes? No? Maybe you don’t and so the thing is… nobody will tell me anything of any logical sense anymore. PEOPLE SAY FOLKS FOLKS FOLKS AND I’m like um hold on one second OLD YELLER because that’s a dumb idea but no, they say FOLKS FOLKS FOLKS SIT DOWN AND SHUT-UP BOY… and they’re always so dang grumpy and then they just yell and so maybe none of you exist and they were right all along…maybe I’m just a brain in a vat… and if so will you please tell those in charge that I’m on-to-them…FOLKS FOLKS FOLKS AND OH BLOODY DOOMSDAY PLEASE HAPPEN…I’m sorry…so what is this and what’s any of this about…I DON’T KNOW… it goes on forever and so what the hell…and what do these words mean… and if you’re holding something in real life and it’s not plugged into something and you can’t turn it off with a button and it only stops when you close your eyes or walk away, and if you can only read it and feel my voice translated with your mind…well then… what this relic of an object must be, is a book.…ah… yes…a book…

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