Sweet Stuff Writer Man!

Update, deleted ebook because it was just a test, if you bought it, great.

I now know how to make eBooks. Thanks for making them about the most streamlined product of all time taking away the artistic side of actually making the book. I hope you like Georgia technocrats and taking the timing and the beat from the writers vision of what a book story should be by allowing the audience to make the font bigger or smaller and connecting the internet for distraction reasons. The eBook should have been created by writers and book designers not the slave lords of box stores and data crunchers of fake file folders. And I’m sure there’s a group of people making the product better and using a more artistic fashion to go about things, but really the mainstream of the eBook world is constrained by the device when before the device was the actual real book and you could do whatever you wanted upon the page as long as it was a page you were working with. I could make a device I bet that would work much better for reading but nobody buys these things for reading and that’s easy to see, and it’s sort of a strange problem that faces the future of moving stuff around. Ideas are important or you might as well sink the ship and let me run around the woods screaming like a wild animal. Sweet. Not. Actually I could have some fun making some cool ebooks but I like to get my hands dirty. The computer world is much too nice and clean. But here, if you want to check out one I just made. There are a few errors and it’s just a test but pretty much final but still draft pages (will take down in a couple of days) of Bunch of new words and I dont know. It’s only a couple bucks. If you do purchase it, and you have a kindle you can change it to .mobi format by going to this site: http://ebook.online-convert.com/convert-to-mobi


west vine press

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