Fall Digital Notebook page 2

cliche e

Much has happened the past month.  A post. That’s what this IS, and this is going back to the note to self sort of writing. I’m trying to remember all of the real notes that are everywhere in bags and in flash drives. I’m going to organize my real paper mountain today. I’ve made such a mess with ink for way too long now. There’s some real good stuff that I don’t even remember writing still unedited. I hope people know that my life work has in many ways been set in stone and there’s no looking back, and back to where, I don’t have time for this…

Going back to the east side this weekend and I’m looking forward to being in ann arbor again. Lived there for a year and it was a very strange experience to say the least. I’m older now, ha, I hope a few select bouncers don’t remember the daring depressed cheap drinker that I used to be. Whatever. I’ve been all over the state of Michigan for the past month. Did some gonzo work on a flask of gin. That character is absurd, Auden Wyatt. It’s funny running around when I’m doing a piece with his voice, but it’s hard on the body the next day and I usually feel bad maybe…about something. Have about four hundred pages for that book and I’m looking forward to getting around to A Flask of Gin sometime by the end of this year.

Today, the 24th of September, and Woke up after four-hour sleep to get a few hours of silence.  Been real social as of late, more so than normal, trying to get the words out. After I post this I’m going to get back into my novel, The Fear and The going, Book 1, the going. Unplug the internet and get lost until sunrise. It’s been for what feels like forever. After working on it everyday for a solid five months (just the revisions, the entire book has taken three years) I haven’t pulled the file up in a solid week. It’s weird going away from it for so long. I had to work on some other projects and just not feel so consumed for a while. That book really does take a lot out of me, because even when I’m editing on my page I’m running and fighting on, I’m there wherever Henry Oldfield is. It’s a strange feeling. I can get over that, it’s more tiring than anything else really. Old man river over here…blah blah.

West Vine Press, my created publisher or whatever, released its first book. State and Stasis by John Withee. It’s a good collection of poetry and prose. He’s a poet from Kalamazoo mi. He graduated from the same university as I did and it’s weird that I edited and formatted and designed the book. It was a good process. 


Growth is weird. In just the past year I’ve grown in every dimension of my life. I don’t want to stop. That’s why I believe in the spontaneous style. It fails many times, sometimes misses important details, fine points and moves too fast, but sometimes you have to do what you want when you want and trust yourself, take that picture, write this post, look at that star or go walk somewhere even when you’re tired or have other things to do. Sometimes this is the same as trying something new, a spark in my mind and if I can I will force myself to go and capture every atom of possibility I can before I die.

It keeps going. It never stops. Leveling this with the calm breathing of editing and note keeping is a trial, it’s not easy, and it’s interesting to say the least. Oh. The book. I did the cover work and what not. John. He’s a smart kid. His book is disciplined. I thank him for giving me the chance at working with his words. I’ll be working on more in the series of future dead writers soon. Next one is written from a writer from Saint Petersburg Florida. In 2014 there will be more, and I hope to meet some new writers who might be interested soon. Someone far out there.

I don’t have much more on my mind. Back to work after cold air and smoke. Work sleep and wake back up for another day, and well no, that’s all. I just had to type.

Now. Back here at the screen. Woke up. Another day and I Made some sample books by hand. Going to get back into my novel for the next week. It should be done someday. I’m crossing off projects and I can’t wait for the time when everything is completed. I’ll be ready to start again.

P.S: Here’s a few pictures (A. Argos Book Store Grand Rapids and Fall. B. Book Cover. C. Reeds Lake. D. Short word picture section from draft 6 of novel. E. Highway. Sunset. End of first day of fall)

559834_10101698874982832_1708033059_n 1235526_10101697404015662_135901575_n 1238921_10101694258504292_720935523_ndoing


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