The rock back there


Rain. Before the sun. Before the story. Forming memories. Before the editing, before the day, before the train and alone with the sound of the rain.

The windows are open. Quarter to five in the morning. Well rested. The summer. One of the best times to write…

In a strange way my favorite part of the adventure is the ‘in-between’, the waiting, the walking, the dead ends, the parts where you’re lost and almost dying. These are the points when your memory is working to get you ‘there’, always coming up with new ideas and remembering even the tiniest parts of reality and markers that might get you back to the path where you think you should be going. The in-between points (a) and (b) are sometimes the parts of life that people rush through. These are times I enjoy writing about. This is when friendships and stories are made. These are the fragments that make up the whole of what some might call, the time of your life. Nice…


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