Yearly Update of sorts. Completed Project List (1458)

 The plan:

(minimal time for an edit)

Listening to some tunes I’ve loosely come to what you would call, a decision. I have two books completed while the third anthology is all but done. The course is slightly changing. This site will still be active but it will be less edited. It will contain notes and updates like the one you are currently reading. I’ve concluded that it’s in my best interest that none of my book material from this point forward should be published unless people pay for it. And now hold on before you judge, I don’t care if you do but…

I’ve thought about this for a long time now and I’ve done so much work for free and that’s fine, as it’s all part of the learning curve, but as far as it goes for my original books they will come out when I’ve been given the time to get them out. They might take months or even years but it just doesn’t matter at this point. 

As it does well life changes and now I’m ready to go up against  death. I’m never going to stop writing as much as I do but I’ve grown up the past five years. I’ve realized that everyone just lives in a city. People are people and we all work for the life we want. My ideological concerns are of no real concern in this brave new world were all adjusting to. The reality for me is that nothing is going to change during my generation unless I somehow get inside of the structure and slowly chip away not out of hate, but for the journey of life itself and to do what people do, to be allowed to see what it’s all about. One can only do this with the act of trial and error. I could be wrong and that’s fine. If I’m wrong I’ll reflect and learn another way. I do believe that it’s true that through self discovery a collective consciousness seems to learn something beneficial, for not one individual but for the human whole. It’s also true that I’m often angry and confused, but one thing that I’m not, is stupid. I’m often mislabeled as a slow learner. This is wrong. I’m aware that my writing can be very good. That’s why I’m going to go further out there.

I’m going to work on my books. I’ve planned a bunch of strange stuff for this blog. I’ll be working with other writers. There will only be one post a week. If something crazy happens I’ll always make an update. One of the most important things I’ll be doing is trying to sell my work or find a career where I can be used, or I’m going to end up  a  overly educated lonely man…HA..Um…

What I’m saying is that I work real hard and I only know that a slight adjustment to my written adventure must occur in order for it to become bigger, something that’s necessary but not mandatory, but should happen. I’m just ready.

I don’t know how I line up against other writers, and I don’t really care because this has never been a contest for some arbitrary literary conquest, but I do know that I’m coming into a very high point as a writer. It’s always difficult and writing can still be dark at times, but it’s not the same walk in the maze like it used to be. I’ve refined some of my skills and become a better editor. Through years of writing and reading and doing this over and over again I know what I’m talking about, kinda.

Like everyone else does until they die I’ll learn more about all of this. I do admit that I’m most likely still a half a decade away from writing my best work. Even though you have headlights you’re still driving in the jungle without paved roads. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what’s going on with my life, the world, my country, my generation, with the publishing industry and man, even the whole damn planet. I’m not sure but I know…kinda. Of course writing is strange and I’ll have bad days for sure, I still do, but they’re just easier to navigate than they used to be.

From fiction to poetry to sociological and philosophical observations I’ve written gonzo and academic and alone I’ve put this site together. I’m not saying that I’m cool or something, I’m just saying that I’m evolving. I wanted to write this outline and note for the blog, because if you’ve read some of my first posts that’s what this blog was for. I was only beginning to form what I’m writing now. I didn’t have a clue that anybody would even read it. For the most part it was only made to help me focus on something other than writing and being alone. With all that said, we live in a world where you must have money to survive, and so it’s time to get paid, at least minimum wage.

Below are the projects that are completed, as well as a new one called, ‘A Flask of Gin’. This is a collection of experimental journalism. The main piece, which is a hundred plus pages, is concerned with the topic of the inter-state transportation system in the United States and its crumbling infrastructure. It is written in gonzo style prose. The statement of the book will be as much about the writer and the overall country and really could be one of the books of an era. It’s my hope that some publisher or business within the entertainment industry will purchase it and pay for the book to become bigger. I know for a fact that it will never be told like I can tell it, and that’s why I don’t really care. I’ve been doing this for so long now that if nobody wants to publish it… well then… that must mean we’re doomed.  Maybe it’s not that bad. I guess we’ll have to wait another generation for the emergence of a new voice to try to learn something…


I will say that I’m cheap. I’m not materialistic at all, so be smart and buy it. I don’t know if I’ve made any real connections, and if that’s true, the internet is a very strong early indicator of the end of monetary based capitalism. I’m just saying that I’m trying here. Ha… 

It is my hope to finish the research by the end of the summer. If nobody bites the book will be as micro in nature as my fiction novel, A town on a lake. I would like to have a small budget to work with, and as I make hardly any money my savings would be gone. I have to move soon and I’m going to be in the woods if this keeps up much longer. Most people think I’ve regressed. They don’t even know how good of a writer and human being that I’ve become. Maybe it doesn’t matter. I don’t know what to say if I wasted ten years of my life with writing and college. I cant really start over. I don’t have time to think about that. I have a ton of material, and for the most part, it will be up to the public if it’s read or not.

Below is my email. I’m typing it up (once again) for people and entities with  money or connections who may want to purchase the rights to, ‘A Flask of Gin’, or even if they want to  hire me to write for them, report or create digital material,  edit or ghostwrite… anything…well you know the drill.

Another NOTE: The covers of the books I’ve been working on are below. Regardless of even the zombie apocalypse they will be published. That’s all. Now back to looking for jobs and sending out resume after resume while working nine hours a day growing into a pretty damn decent writer. 

Thanks for reading. PEACE! 

‘A Flask of Gin, and other adventures in experimental journalism’, summer 13 started writing, looking for publisher in multiple media presentations. Film, Novel, Audio.


‘The Fear and The Going: More Adventures of a dying young man’, Fiction, Final draft completed. Waiting to publish.


‘A town on a lake’. Fiction, Completed. Waiting to publish.


‘The Portable Andrew H. Kuharevicz, An Anthology, years 2005-2013’. Completed. Waiting to publish


Canceled Books

12 Sketches, partly became a town on a lake

From Far Out There

Sleep Walking Under The Moon Soul of Lake Michigan, retired, will become a book called ‘happy in dirt’, manuscript finished.

The Back Burner

(first or second draft done)

Adventures of a dying young man, Oh Henry Boy

Visions of Michigan

The Commune

Still to re-edit

Errand Boy Philosopher Series

A Spontaneous Revolution

Summer Traveling Book



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