Generic Social Media Weekly Update:

 Almost done with my book.  Should be at page 75 of 170 end of work day today. Going to be practicing a bit online and offline. Articles this week will be on memories and books. Going to write about Camus, Sociology and  Music, Laser Shows, The Cut Up Method and William S. as well as James Joyce as a young man. Those will be the Topics for practice and some of those words and some of the others wont be posted because I’m going to start back up on the screenless typing machine. Preparing for summer. Have had to quit drinking (well by quitting I mean smashing arrow rum and Oberon that is) because of the insane demands that writing has on one. Back to the party animal soon. So I Have some cool writing road trips lined up. If you can get me into somewhere (free) weird and visually pleasing, strange, odd, dirty and dangerous or cool, at any layer of the social construct let me know, or have any ideas let me know as well. I’m going out on a dredging ship later this week and getting a story about all that weird shit. Should be fun. Tired but nobody cares but update…I’m doing these kinda things on in preparation and for shedding the voice of the narrator of my book. Anyway, yeah do whatever you want. Peace. (unedited as in Spontaneous prose fictional literary narratives with mix of real memories and actual events with hidden messages concerning birds and the abacus…ZAP)

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